Exceptional crew
for extraordinary craft

Whether it's on deck or in the galley, matching the right person to the right position is everything.
It's what we pride ourselves on.

The highest standards

Our clients expect the best. We deliver.
Finding the highest calibre yacht crew in the industry for Owners, Management, Captains and Heads of Department is what we do.

The personal touch

There aren't many more demanding situations than living and working in close quarters. The biggest question is: who do you want to go to sea with?

We understand the need for the right fit, that's why developing relationships is vital.

The right crew

We've accrued a huge number of exemplary candidates in our database covering every discipline, whichever department they fit into. We work hard to build relationships throughout a yacht crew member’s career, so you can get the best options out there as we know exactly who we're recommending.