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CC3989 - 27.00 metre Sailing Yacht

COUPLES POSITION: We are looking for a Captain/Eng and Stew/deck/cook team to run this beautiful 88ft Oyster. The yacht is currently in and around the Caribbean and will be heading to Panana and onto the South Pacific and then New Zealand.

The current Captain will be on board for the next couple of weeks so the start date is ASAP and there will be time for a good handover. The owner is lovely and enjoys good quality service and local produce. He will do some of the long haul trips with friends and will stand watches to help out, he enjoys to be the Captain whilst he is onboard so you need to be ok with this.

We are looking for a young and active couple in their 30s who would love the opportunity to run this special yacht together. You must hold your B1B2 visa.

Yacht-Master Ocean is the minimum requirement.

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Chief Stewardess

CC3982 - 52 metre Sailing Yacht

We can accept Chief Stew candidates only or Chief Stews partnered with a Chief Engineer.

We are looking for a really lovely Chief Stew for this 50m+ SY. This is a really exciting programme for the right person or couple. As Chief Stew you will be responsible for guest service, liaising with the owner and guests, preparing pre-dinner drinks. The Chief Stew role is seen as a critical role on the boat, she will have the skills to create a harmonious environment with the happy owner, guests and crew.

We are looking for someone to build exceptional relationships with the owners, guests and crew and race crew that will be based around this programme. Although this is not a race boat you will be working as the mother ship during a race program. Chief Stew will lead by example and encourage others to be positive and helpful team players. Encouraging everyone to work together to ensure the boat has a professional, positive and happy vibe, help others (ie Chef, Deck) to succeed by sharing insights on the owners/guest preferences and coming up with ideas to wow the guests and create intimate dining experiences along with fun experiences on board. We want someone to go the extra mile, get creative.

Key skills will be:

  • Taking the lead on interior decorations/flower and table arrangements
  • Set daily, weekly and monthly cleaning schedules
  • Managing contractors
  • Organise events and parties, ie Regatta parties on-board or on land
  • Manage inventories, provisioning, uniform purchase for the race program
  • Dealing with shipyard contractors on Interior
  • Positive, can-do attitude, personable, smiley

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Chief Engineer

CC3981 - 52 metre Sailing Yacht

Chief Engineer Single or Couple with Chief Stew

We are looking for either a single Chief Engineer (min Y4, preferred Y3) for this 50m+ sailing yacht or someone who can be partnered with a Chief Stewardess. We are looking for someone with strong technical know-how, proven longevity, someone motivated by new technology and systems, strong attention to detail, sound problem solving, analytical skill-set, Knowledge of using IDEA and a keen interest in sailing and a passionate engineer. The owner really enjoys to build long, healthy relationships with the crew and is very thoughtful to them. So someone able to interact with not only the guests but the other crew based around this wonderful program.

A very healthy package offered with a view to looking at a rotation position for a loyal and competent crew member in the future.

If you are available for a March start date please apply online.

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